Lucky herbal Products

We have registered seven products with Food and Drugs Authority.

Lucky Herbal Bitters

FDB/HD: 12-8103

This is your authentic herbal medicine Bitters,prepare under hygienic conditions and FDA approved twice renewed(FDB/HD3 12-8103)

Lucky Herbal Bitters has become the most sold herbal bitters(medicine) in Ghana since its introduction into the market.People from our neighboring countries like Nigeria,Ivory Coast,Togo, Gambia have been patronizing it because of its efficiency and to them its purely herbal medicine as compared to its competitors.

It’s for piles or hemorrhoids.but many who have used the Lucky Herbal Bitters have given lots of testimonies as it has cured their respective diseases,Some has issues with waits pain, sexual weakness,numbness, constipation infertility,blocked wombs and tubes,but after using they had solutions.


Lucky herbal Mixture

if any disease would be killing Africans then I think it should be that which has no cure, but that’s not the case now. Malaria, over the years has been taking million lives in Africa but Malaria does have a cure; yes it does has a total cure and the very medicine which has the efficacy to cure you is out there in the market. LUCKY HERBAL MIXTURE truly indigenous Ghanaian herbal product (medicine). FDB/HD3 :12-8104

LUCKY HERBAL MIXTURE also help give proper blood circulation, it gives you appetite for food.


Lucky H-Ointment

this product was in the market as LUCKY CREAM but upon a directive giving to the producer by the Foods And Drugs Authority we had to change the brand name to LUCKY H- OINTMENT; it is a hair food and does help your hair grow healthy. This indeed is the best hair product that treats dandruff. FDB/HD2 14-8139


Lucky Ointment

Lucky Ointment is for the treatment of skin rashes, body pains, waist pains and footrot. FDB/HD1 14-8140


Lucky P Capsules

This is a laxative or a purgative, and the only herbal laxative which deworms you at same time. If you are thinking of deworming and taking a laxative after, think LUCKY P CAPSULES since it’s one for all. FDB/HD2 14-8141


lucky V-Care Mixture

Lucky V-CARE Mixture is the best among its competitors when it comes to feminine hygiene cleansing,
Are you a lady suffering from vagina discharge, vagina odour, vagina infections or loosed vagina?
Then lucky V-CARE Mixture is all you need.
It will make you a woman again.
Lucky V-CARE Mixture make it feels like you are always a virgin.

How to use: little drop of Lucky V-CARE Mixture on a cotton wool and use it to clean your vagina, wait for 15 minutes and wash it with a clean water. That’s all!
Lucky V-CARE Mixture! Y3n nyinaa yedi agoro aaa.
Lucky V-CARE Mixture! Sign cheque.

FDB/HD2 16-5212


lucky Oil

solves most spiritual problems and it’s purely herbal.


lucky Koo Capsules

FDB/HD 14-8142

FDB/HD 14-8142